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How do I use Rootgrow with GEL for bare root planting

1. Take a large bucket and fill with the required amount of water. (Always start with the lesser amount and just add more if required following step 2.)

2. Sprinkle the contents of the sachet of white gel powder into the water, and stir well. You are looking for a consistency that relates to that of wallpaper paste. If your plants have a dense or more fibrous root system, make the solution slightly thinner.

3. Leave for 5 minutes then add the rootgrow™ granules and stir. The granules should be suspended evenly throughout the thick liquid.

4. Dip the roots of the plants in this gel and allow coverage of the whole root system. If the liquid seems too thick add up to 1 more litre of water. Lift the plants out allowing excess to drain back into the bucket and plant immediately.

Please note
5. Dip the roots and ensure even coverage of gel to the roots.

6. If there is any gel left over it should be used within 48 hours and should be covered. Stir it well before using it.

Quantities of water to use 

360g with Gel Sachet 4 litres
1kg with Gel Sachet 8 - 12 litres
2.5ltr Professional Bucket 15 - 20 litres
5ltr Professional Bucket 30 - 40 litres
10ltr Professional Bucket 60 - 80 litres

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