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Anglo-French collaboration

logoWe are pleased to announce that Plantworks Ltd. are part of a successful Anglo-French research and development consortium, that were awarded an EU INTERREG IV A project grant in April 2012. The INTERREG programme aims to build partnerships for cross-border economic development and centres of excellence.

The Vegedurable 2 project plans to address new challenges for vegetable production in the UK and France to produce increased crop yields with a reduction of chemical and water inputs, whilst maintaining the economic performance of farms. The project strives to improve methods for sustainable production both economically and environmentally. The partnership between Plantworks, universities, research centres and experimental stations in UK and France aims to improve the production processes of vegetable crops in the southern areas of the UK and Northern France.

Mycorrhizal Fungi are well documented to improve nutrient uptake to plants and increase plant tolerance to water stress. This project hopes to optimise the use of Mycorrhizal fungi for use in vegetable crop production leading to increased water and fertiliser savings within sustainable farming practise.

The project Vegedurable 2 was selected under the European cross-border cooperation programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England, co-funded by the ERDF.

Other participating partners are University of Caen, CATE, and SILEBAN (France), East Malling Research and Plantworks ltd. (UK)

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