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rootgrow™ has rapidly become a standard treatment when planting new roses.

In 2004 it was recognised that the specific rootgrow blend of mycorrhizal fungi could overcome the problems of ‘rose replant syndrome’ and it has subsequently become a standard recommendation by virtually all UK rose growers.

The RHS also recommend rootgrow™ as part of best planting practice when planting roses.

We regularly supply rootgrow to National Trust Gardens, English Heritage, Local Authorities, City Councils, Parks Departments and Estate Managers engaged in Rose planting projects.

rootgrow™ is the only mycorrhizal fungi product that has consistently shown to overcome the effects of rose replant syndrome. Using rootgrow™ negates the need to replace the top soil or use sterilisation chemicals, just plant straight into the existing soil and add plenty water and organic matter.

All rootgrow™ products are suitable for bare root or containerised roses – if you have bare root plants then make sure you buy rootgrow Gel 360g or the rootgrow™ professional.

We recommend the rootgrow empathy range of seaweed stimulants and fertiliser as a perfect way to work in harmony with what the friendly mycorrhizal fungi are achieving, helping to nurture and feed the life in our soils and subsequently the plants themselves.

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