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rootgrow HYDRO 400g
rootgrow HYDRO 400g
rootgrow HYDRO 400g
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rootgrowTMHYDRO, released in 2014, was the first of a new range of biological active products specially formualted for hydroponic production.

Comprising five species of endo mycorrhizal fungi and a consortia of nitrogen fixing rhizobacteria this product is designed to maximise your plants ability to take up and use added nutrients.

Hydroponically grown plants benefit from a well controlled growing environment in sterile media, free from soil pathogens.  Such systems are though deviod of beneficial microbes such as mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria that biologically act to increase the nutrient availability and uptake as well as stimulating root development that in turn increases plant health and vigour.

Use rootgrowTMHYDRO at time of planting in coir, clay granules, perlite or rock wool, as a means to activate your planting media.  Once in contact with the roots of your plants, rootgrowTMHYDRO will modulate nutient flow based on the plants' requirements for their entire lifetime.


Typical application rates: 

Pot Size                   Treatment

  Seed                          Pinch (1ml)

Plug Plant                       5ml

    1L                             10ml

    5L                             40ml

 10/15L                         70ml


(10ml scoop  = approxiamely 10grms)


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