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Trees and Shrubs

rootgrow™ One sprinkle for a lifetime of benefit!
It’s what nature intended.

Containerised trees and plants often struggle to grow away vigorously in the first few years after planting. In the growing nursery the plants are given all the water and nutrients they need via fertilisers and irrigation to produce a beautiful looking specimen ready for re-sale.

As soon as your plant is placed in the ground all that TLC stops and it has to find its own equilibrium with the soil and the environment. The first thing it will look to for help is mycorrhizal fungi. A sprinkle of rootgrow™ used at planting time will provide a lifetime of benefits.

rootgrow™ is now established as one of the most effective and reliable planting treatments. As well as being part of best planting practice by the RHS, using mycorrhizal fungi is regularly referenced on TV Gardening programmes and by garden writers in the popular press.

Colin Crosbie, Curator, RHS Garden Wisley, says.

"It is common sense to offer a plant what it requires from nature at the very start, using rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi simply speeds up the process"

"mycorrhizal fungi is probably the most important partnership a plant will have, using rootgrow when planting will kick off this essential relationship"

All rootgrow™ products are suitable for bare root or containerised trees and shrubs – if you have bare root plants then make sure you buy rootgrow gel or the rootgrow™ professional tubs. We recommend The rootgrow empathy range of seaweed stimulants and fertilisers are a perfect way to work in harmony with what the friendly mycorrhizal fungi are achieving, helping to nurture and feed the life in our soils and subsequently the plants themselves.

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